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Clare Valley Tours is owned and operated by Dave Willson, colloquially known as Mr Willson. Dedicated to providing authentic tour experiences, and with the help of Tom and Mitch, we are all locals, we have the simple view of treating people as we like to be treated, a smile begets a smile. We subscribe to the KISS theory in life.  Local knowledge can't be beaten and we're here to make you welcome and provide you with a relaxed, fun stay.  

Whatever your reasons for being here, whoever you tour with, we hope you have a wonderful time in the beautiful Clare Valley.

The world, could do with a bit of Clare Valley right now.

Clare Valley

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Clare Valley

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Think of these tours as how you would host your own visitors. You know the best places and the best people. You know the shortcuts between them. You want to show your guests why you live here. So you give them a personal tour with great hospitality.

As a kid l explored all of the back roads on a pony, I got lost a few times but the pony always knew where home was.  I would love to share with you the fun and adventure of discovering Clare Valley.
So when you're ready we'll saddle up,, "there's room on my horse for two, So climb up here, we'll keep you smiling", as we find those same back roads, the lookouts, scenic roads, the animals wild and domestic, crops, birds and bees, everything that makes Clare special. I even know the way home!!

Revered boutique  wineries, Arts, boutique beers, restaurants, motels and charming BnB accommodation. Taste, Feel, Smell, Sense the country, savour the moment. The real Clare Valley where the only tourists you see will be the ones travelling with you.

Clare Valley Tours tours are about having fun and a good laugh, sometimes travelling via Private Property over farms and through vineyards.  
Seeing things behind the scenes, the how and why they do it, meeting locals. Immersing you into a sublime local experience of food, wine, history
and people from the humble beginnings of the past to the vibrant community of today

Sit back and relax while Mr Willson escorts you around the captivating Clare Valley.

( They may call him Mr Willson, but he hasn't grown up yet)

Clare Valley Tours ......... ‘Simply the Best Tours'

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