“He is a really nice man” said Mr Willson when interviewed by Mr Willson for an insight into Mr Willson. There you have it, a personal testimonial. A life term local, I grew up riding ponies around the district. My parents were both Veterinarians so we saw a lot of things as kids.
I have been self employed since my mid twenties, successfully owning and operating a Civil Excavation business, a Sales Rep, a Private Wool-buyer/Merchant and now my third business, Tour Operator.

My past vocations have given me a broad knowledge of the people, the diversity and functional operation of the varied industries, a huge exposure into the region, a sense of self and a sense of humour.
I know a little bit about a lot, I know a lot about a little bit, and by experience I acknowledge how little l actually know in this world.

Come, join me for a great day out, as l chauffeur you on your day out. I might tell you a lot about the little bit of the world where I live, then again!!!

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