Stock grazing in lush fertile paddocks of the Clare Valley

Clare Valley Tours has some unique and quirky rural industry stories to tell.  Standard run of the mill tales about farming include the areas production of sheep-wool, fat lambs, also cattle, dairy milk cows, grass fed steers, high quality feedlot beef being exported  direct into Italy, Japan etc, some chickens for eggs and meat birds and an array of crops. Canola, wheat, barley, beans, peas, lucerne(alfalfa) for seed or hay, we grow chick peas, oats for hay exported around the world, we even sell straw into the Middle East for racehorse bedding.

This tale is about what the locals colloquially call the Snake Farm. A company nearby produce the raw materials for the production of RattleSnake antivenin right here in the Clare Valley. Yes you read it right. The antidote is also used for the treatment of copperhead, cottonmouth or water moccasin snake bites in the US.

Based in South Australia, Australia’s freedom from serious animal health diseases provides the ideal environment for the sheep, which are used as blood donors for the development of innovative medical treatments that save human lives around the world.

No Rattle snakes are kept on site, however a tale of an escaped sheep from the complex kept the locals honest.

No-one was game enough to eat it