The Fleet (Omnibuses)

Clare Valley Tours range of vehicles will satisfy your needs from the intimacy of the Statesman, convenience of minibuses to the comfort of coach touring.

The Statesman is exactly that, a stately car for comfortable chauffeured touring


The Hi-Ace Van is great for groups up to 13 people. An easy little min-bus for a day out.


Two 20 Seat Coasters available, luggage trailer and Adelaide pick up by arrangement.
Coach available for tours and general Charter work. 38 seats. Ideal for Special Interest Groups such as Beef Steak & Burgundy, Wine Appreciation Societies Probus Clubs etc. Also available for extended touring. Seen here during a tour of the Flinders Ranges

The Statesman.......before the make over!

Mr Willson’s Omnibus... 2 trees per kilometre!

omnibuses |ˈämnəˌbəs|


ORIGIN early 19th cent.: via French from Latin, literally ‘for all,’ dative plural of omnis

For your touring pleasure, Clare Valley Tours does not allow the consumption of alcohol in any of it’s vehicles.