What To Expect With Clare Valley Tours?

A good day out is the answer.

I subscribe to the KISS theory in life, Keep ISimple Stupid, it works well for me.

A day out on tour generally starts at 10am and concludes 4pm.

Pick up / drop off in Clare or a local accommodation house. No alcohol on the bus.

A Good Day Out

A Good day Out

You are coming to Clare for time out, to relax, to explore, to discover the region, to sample our produce, to enjoy the wines and experience the beauty of the area.  I won’t say you are here to recharge because some of you need a bit of recovery time after a visit to Clare.

If you have an idea of wineries you want to visit let me know and I can plan the track to take. Tell me your absolute preferences, sometime the time runs away and we can’t visit them all, but we can make sure you get to your special selections. Be flexible in the days itinerary, discovering new places is always good.


Discover Boutique Cellar Doors

Discover Boutique Cellar Doors

We offer  lunch with the tours. An emerging gourmet food scene coupled with new eateries offering local produce gives you a wide choice to indulge on your tour.

Wine tasting, like art, is such a personal thing, you either like it or you don’t. Spittoons are in every winery and no one will be offended if you spit it out, or tip it out, better if you don’t throw it up though. As you taste, the  Cellar door staff will help you discover wines suited to your palate. If you like a winery we may spend more time there, if not we move on.

Purchases can be  be mailed to your door, Great for those with limited space, or have flown into SA. You may wish to buy one or two bottles from each winery. We get an empty carton and you fill it as we travel. The last winery visited will mail it for you at your cost. Great way to remember your tour when sipping on Clare Valley’s finest at home.


Clare Food Producers - August 2014 Please credit Photo: John Kruger

Clare Food Producers - August 2014
Please credit Photo: John Kruger

Groups of 8 or more need to be booked in for tastings. Tasting fees may apply. Why, well some groups come through on a giant, dare I say, piss-up and make a lot of noise gulp a lot of free wine don’t buy anything. Spoils it for everyone. If I have a group like that I will cut the tour short, my reputation is on the line as well.

Special interest and larger groups are very welcome, we just need to do some forward planning. I often have groups up to 35 and have hosted 60 guests. Great way for your Wine Appreciation Society or Beef Steak and Burgundy Clubs to see the Valley with full commentary as you travel.

I like you to leave the tour with a huge smile and a day to remember. Makes me happy.

Two rules of the bus:

Rule # 1 - Come with a positive attitude

Rule # 2 - Come with a positive attitude

Clare Food Producers - August 2014 Please credit Photo: John Kruger

Wine Appreciation Society

Clare Valley Tours has a no returns / refunds policy for wines left on the bus. 😉