Stock grazing in lush fertile paddocks of the Clare Valley


Clare Valley Tours has some unique and quirky rural industry stories to tell.  Standard run of the mill tales about farming include the areas production of sheep-wool, fat lambs, also cattle, dairy milk cows, grass fed steers, high quality feedlot beef being exported  direct into Italy, Japan etc, some chickens for

Girls weekend, lunch on the veranda at Skillogalee Restaurant.


Lillian emailed me with a very blunt question, Can you handle six women for a weekend?…. From Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, the ladies made their way to Clare Valley.  The girls are long term friends scattered across this big country and Clare became the focus of the annual Girls weekend.


This photo was taken at the Nilpena Station fossil site. The site was included in the National Heritage List in 2007 and is the subject of Sir David Attenborough’s ‘First Life’ BBC series, and are a core aspect of the SA Government’s 2018 nomination of the Flinders Ranges for World


Much more than a wine tour, this fully-guided Clare adventure also celebrates the rich and vibrant history of the Valley. Over rolling hills and picturesque plains, to quaint townships and important landmarks, this is a day of discovery you’ll never forget. The Clare Valley’s wonderful wines will be a constant companion. A fantastic day out, Public or private. Saturdays or on demand during the week, Minimum 4 ppl. Clare Valley Tours is Rated #1 Food and Wine Tour in Clare Valley

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